В Инстаграм набирает популярность паблик, показывающий роды и материнство без прикрас

В Инстаграм набирает популярность паблик, показывающий роды и материнство без прикрас [фото 18+]

Далеко не всем может понравится откровенность создательницы журнала и молодой матери Дори. Фото: instagram.com/dorideer

В Instagram набирает популярность паблик, который показывает роды и материнство без прикрас. На сообщество журнала Tribe de Mama сейчас подписаны более 200 тысяч человек.

Создательница сайта – американка Дори Варга. Она ведет стиль жизни, близкий к культуре хиппи: стремится к естественности и считает, что кормить грудью можно не только новорожденного ребенка. Также молодая женщина и ее избранник не стесняются показывать нежность друг к другу при детях.

В паблике Tribe de Mama размещены фотографии беременных или уже родивших женщин. Все они не отретушированы и как бы говорят: не бойтесь быть собой в этот важный период жизни. Снимки родов призваны показать всю естественность процесса, а фото после - последствий для фигуры женщины. 


| Blissful Birth . Photograph by @monetnicolebirths

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| Embracing Motherhood . New Mama @Stellaaamarie shared . I keep going back & forth on whether or not I should post this picture. It isn't the most flattering of photos, heck it isn't flattering at all. But there is more than meets the eye and this is more than just a photo. Pregnancy & Birthing truly is a wonderful thing and Motherhood is simply the most rewarding, however there is the other side of all this beauty that no one really talks about and I am not sure why. There are SO many expectations as a (new) mom yet we barely take into consideration everything that a woman goes through from pregnancy to giving birth to becoming a Mother. Physical, mental and emotional. Yes, you'll still look pregnant right after giving birth - No, your old clothes won't fit right away and for some of us - Yes, we get these marks that are here to stay. But see, this is FAR more than just a photo and these marks go deeper than you think. This is about adjusting into a new role, it's about figuring out how to raise a child, how to do all these things you've never done before. This is about how to be a new Mom without crying every second that you can't figure out why your baby is crying. This is for those bad days and breaking down. This is for trying, for dedicating, for working hard and for putting myself last just so I could put her first. This is for Motherhood - the good, the bad & the ugly. And I embrace it. All of it. Cause this too shall pass and the only way to go from here is up. When a baby is born, so is a Mother and with it is a lifetime of lessons. So to all the Moms out there going through their own struggles, whatever it may be, kudos to you for doing THE hardest job there is while still able to manage a smile just for your little ones. Here's to us!

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